Building the future of prediction

With Foreon, you can bet on future events, while also getting unbiased real-time forecasts on events that matter most to you.

A New Era For Blockchain Based Prediction Markets

The current state of prediction markets and betting is flawed and oppressive. The betting industry today lures customers with the promise of quick wealth, utilizing various tactics to maximize profits while providing minimal benefits to them.

Foreon Network is an information market platform where users can trade on the predicted outcome of future events, creating a share portfolio based on their forecasts to earn a return. It offers an alternative to betting platforms with high fees, restrictions, and poor accessibility.

How It Works

Fund your wallet within seconds from your favourite crypto wallet like (Nami, Eternl, Typhoon)



Connect your Cardano wallet, such as Nami or Eternl, and deposit the minimum amount of $FRN to open a market & Fund your wallet with ADA to be able to Bet on future outcomes.



Bet on future events by buying shares in the markets you know best.



Sell your shares at any time as the odds change and After the market resolves, redeem your winning shares and profit

Core Features Of Foreon

Foreon is a decentralized prediction market protocol that enables anyone to establish a market for any event. The protocol is not controlled by any single entity, and it is operated and owned by the community.


Decentralized & Non Custodial

Foreon Network is decentralized, meaning that predictions are controlled by smart contracts operating on a distributed network of computers that is not controlled by any single entity and outcomes resolved by Oracles like Chain-link.


Built On Cardano

The Cardano blockchain's high level of security, scalability, and transparency makes it an ideal platform for decentralized prediction markets, and it is on this blockchain that the Foreon Network is built.


Create A Market On Any Event

Anyone can create a market on any event that you believe is worth predicting. Whether it's a political election, a sports game, or even the weather, Foreon Network enables you to set up a market and invite others to participate in predicting the outcome.


Automatic settlement

Foreon Network offers automatic settlement of payouts through smart contracts once an event's outcome is determined, promoting transparency and confidence among participants without the need for a central authority.


Stablecoin Integration

Foreon Network is exploring possible stablecoin integrations with the goal of reducing volatility and providing users with an easy and convenient way to participate in a fair and efficient decentralized prediction market.


Low Fees

Foreon Network's transaction fees are only 2.5%, lower than traditional betting platforms like Betfair that charge 5-7% of net winnings. This feature ensures that users can participate in the market without high costs.


Foreon Token

Foreon Network's $FRN token is a utility token to incentivize participation, increases liquidity, and in the future enhance governance for a fair and efficient participation in a decentralized prediction market.


$FRN Policy ID


Token Name


Token Symbol


Total Supply

Cardano Blockchain

Token Type



Foreon Tokenomics

1,000,000 (10%)


300,000 (3%)


1,300,000 (13%)

NFT Bonds Allocation

1,000,000 (10%)

Foreon Vault

2,500,000 (25%)

ISPO Allocation

2,000,000 (20%)


700,000 (7%)

Rewards & Farming

1,200,000 (12%)

Public Round

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